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General terms and conditions


  1. The company announces its open contract activities on its website. The prices, places and dates are subject to change, if circumstances change.
  2. Login and registration as participant shall be made by completing and signing the registration form. Under aged participants submit on the registration form the name, address and signature of their legal representative. The agreement is valid at the time that the completed and signed form has been received by the company. The content of the acts covered by article 1 on the open contract activity to which the tender is based are part of the agreement.
  3. An open contract activity will only pass if the company determines that there is a sufficient number of logons. Contractor shall decide no later than one week before the scheduled start date as to whether or not to continue the activity. The company reserves the right to move to this judgment.
  4. After the start of the course cancellation is no longer possible. Refund will never take place. Up to 14 days before the scheduled start date the participant is able to cancel the registration free of charge.
  5. The participant has the right to cancel the registration free of charge when contractor change the planned beginning date, but participant must cancel within fourteen days after publication of the change by the company.
  6. If the participant dies, nothing will be charged. If the participant as a result of illness can no longer attend the meetings, the cancellation policy may be revised, if within one month a doctor's letter is presented.
  7. Subsistence costs, acquisition cost of prescribed literature, exam and exam fees must be paid by the participant.












Privacy procedure

  1. After the first acquaintance you'll get a proposal for the course.
  2. In case your course is paid by someone else, our indirect client, we will inform him about the proposed program, your improvements during the course and your evaluation of the course.
  3. You will be informed about all our massages to the indirect client about your course.
  4. You will be informed about your testing results and the way we came to these testing results.
  5. Besides to the one that pays for your course, the indirect client, we won't give anybody information about your course without your permission.
  6. We'll ask your permission to send your address and phone number to an external company for a customer satisfaction survey.
  7. After the course is finished, all the products we have of you, like tests, or writing assignments will be given to you or destroyed, unless we have your permission to use them.
  8. All data, like starting level and end level, will be kept for a maximum of five years.
  9. We like to keep in touch with our former students, and therefore we like to save your name and address. Of course we'll destroy those data when you want to. We appreciate you to inform us about any change of address or phone number.












Complaints Regulations

  1. Lingua Franca supports you in learning the Dutch language and improve your language skills. We give you all possible support:
    - We advise you on the educational tools
    - We help you to understand the teaching materials
    - We offer exercises
    - We give you feedback on your written and spoken Dutch.
  2. The final result depends on your own efforts.
  3. We would appreciate it if you would report any problems directly to us. We take them very seriously and will work with you to find solutions.
  4. Even if your course fee is paid by another client, our indirect customers, we would like you to come forward to us with any dissatisfactions and complaints.
  5. After 10 meetings and / or at the end of a course we will ask you your opinion about the course through an evaluation forms.
  6. You may be approached by an external organization to participate in a customer satisfaction survey.
  7. A written complaint is a written report by student, principal or other person or body with respect to dissatisfaction with the results and / or the services of Lingua Franca.
  8. If you lodge a written complaint, you will receive an confirmation of the receipt of thwe complaint, within two weeks. It will let you know:
    - How we further process the complaint
    - How soon we hope to have completed this
  9. We aim to resolve your complaint satisfactorily within six weeks. We will ask you on paper if your complaint has been resolved to your satisfaction. Of course you are free to bring your complaints into the open. We aim to ensure that there will be no reason for that.
  10. Your complaint will be treated confidentially. The complaint will only be reported to third parties with your consent.
  11. Written complaints will be kept for five years. After that period they will be destroyed.
  12. Lingua Franca is part of a complaints committee of independent trainers. If a written complaint is lodged against one of the language institutes, the complaint will - with your consent be referred to one of its members. That person will then form a committee consisting of three persons. Of course the institution to which the complaint relates, is not involved in that committee.
  13. The judgment of the Complaints Committee is binding, i.e. Lingua Franca is obliged to follow the advice.
  14. The Complaints Committee of independent trainers consists of the following persons / institutions:
    - Annelies Braams, NedLes, see
    - Vera Popta, Language training Acquest Dutch, see:
    - Monie Doodeman, De Basis training & coaching, see
    - Peter Peek, Branch Out, see:
    - Teun van Iperen, Flevo Language, see:
    - Joke van der Kieboom, DeTaalcoach, see
    - Yvonne Zevenbergen & Janine Den Hartog, Taal Den Hartog & Zevenbergen, see
    - Judith Winterkamp, Communicatief tekst & training see
    - Nicole van Schaijik, Talent Taaltrainingen NL, see
    - Jacoline de Jong, taalbeleven, see
    - Elisabeth Schlager, Training Duits, see
    - Gemimah Ribbers, Buena Comunicació, see
    - Joost Smits, Joost weet het, see
    - Ad Apple, Ik wil naar Nederland, see
    - Lex Schelvis & Frans van der Putten, Lingua Franca, see
    - Dorte Kramer & Anneke Siemons, DnA Languages, see
    - Marijke Tupker, independent trainer
    - Josina Lips, independent trainer
  15. The complaints committee will handle all complaints confidentially.
  16. Complaints lodged at the complaints committee will be kept for five years. After that period, they will be destroyed.